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Oscilllating Granulator

P.M.E.W.—The unit is of horizontal type and is suitable for dry granulations where very high output is not required. All contact parts are made of highly polished stainless steel to ensure that contamination dies not take place. The unit is driven by means for suitable electric motor and gear-box and is supplied complete with one stainless steel sleeve.

A) Capacity 50 Kgs/hr. (approx.) driven by 1 H.P. Motor                                             
B) Capacity 100 Kgs/hr. (approx.) driven by 2 H.P. Motor 

Vibro Sifter

This vibrating energy screen is unit consisting of circular pretensioned screen mounted on the frame along with vibrating motor. The vibrating motor imparts three plane vibrations to the screen due to revolving eccentric weights. Total assembly is mounted on suitable springs so that it becomes a independent body which vibrates without parting any vibrations to the foundations.
Special Features :
•    High capacity & optimum use of space.
•    Process adaptability.
•    Low operating and maintenance cost.
•    Long screen life.
•    Easy for assembly & dis assembly for cleaning & change over of screens.
•    Springs amplify the vibrations leading to reduced motor HP, maintenance & operational cost.
•    Compact unit for easy of operations.
•    Available in two, three & four deck also.

Coating pan

We are one of the best pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers; Coating Machine is our well established product.
Salient Features:
Coating Machine is made of six major parts as described follows:
(1) PAN:
SS 304 semi ellipsoidal size pan with a circular mouth for charging & discharging of tablets Pan mounted at an inclination of 45 degrees to the horizontal. 2) DRIVE ASSEMBLY Consists of a suitable HP 3 Phase, 440 V, 1440 RPM TEFC motor with suitable worm reduction gear box and cone pulley arrangement to give three speed output.
(2) Hot Air Blower:
The unit is provided with a hot air blower consisting of suitable HP 3 Phase 440 V, 2880 RPM TEFC electric motor & centrifugal blower with damper delivering required CFM. The air is heated by means of suitable electric heater to give air at 30 to 90 degrees Heater with thermostat control and flexible hospipe.
(3) Control Panel:
Unit provided with suitable control panel with starters and push button to actuate the drive and for blower The circuits consists of MCCBs, relays and contractors in series Ample overload protection is provided by the MCCB and the relay Wires coming out of the connections are numbered for easy recognition.
(4) Mounting:
The motor and gear box is mounted inside sturdy MS frame and the pan mounted on the Gearing housing fitted in the stand. Blower mounted by the side of the stand or placed in remote location if required.
(5) Finish:
All joints argon Arc welded and all SS Parts Polished to suitable finished required of pharmaceutical equipment MS parts painted to smooth finish.

Hot Air Tray Drier

P.M.E.W.—Cabinet type driving over suitable for drying of granular material/powders/Slurries etc. Unit made of stainless steel sheets supported on a sturdy the best quality glass wool to ensure that there is no drop in internal temperature.  The material is loaded on trays which can either be directly put into the chamber of fixed angular supports or on a trolley depending upon the model of the unit. Efficient cross flow of air is ensured by a system of specially designed fans and air inlet. Temperatures are a combination of sellenoiod value and thermostat in the case of steam heated units. A dial type thermometer is provided along with other electrical fittings such as motor, starter, and indicator lamps etc for efficient functioning of the unit .

Double Cone Blender

P.M.E.W.—Suitable to mix powders. The unit is made of 304 quality high polished stainless and mounted on a suitable stand on ball – bearing. The unit is driven by an electric motor coupled to a sturdy reduction gearbod. The full capacity of the Double Cone Blender is twice the load capacity.

Load capacity 10Kg. Driven by 0.5 H.P. Electric Motor                                 
Load capacity 25Kg. Driven by 1 H.P. Electric Motor                                      
Load capacity 50Kg. Driven by 5 H.P. Electric Motor                                      
Load capacity 100Kg. Driven by 3 H.P. Electric Motor                                      
Load capacity 125Kg. Driven by 3 H.P. Electric Motor                                      
Load capacity 150Kg. Driven by 3 H.P. Electric Motor                                   
Load capacity 200Kg. Driven by 5 H.P. Electric Motor                                    
Load capacity 250Kg. Driven by 7.5 H.P. Electric Motor                                   
Load capacity 300Kg. Driven by 7.5 H.P. Electric Motor  

Plantery Mixer

3 Speed gearbox for show medium and best mixing of various veneties of material/powders, best masses and ointments etc. All contact of S.S. 304 quality. Various designs of stainless steel blade according to each product. The unit is provided with a mechanical device to lower up and down the bowl type Stainless Steel Vessels, mounted on a trolley the mixer complete in all respects from ready to start condition.

a)   Capacity 50Ltrs with 1 H.P. Motor.                                                     

b)   Capacity 100Ltrs with 2 H.P. Motor.                                                  

c)   Capacity 200Ltrs with 5 H.P. Motor.                                                   

Tube Filling Machine

P.M.E.W.—Multipurpose Filling Machine foot operated, mounted on a mild steel table suitable for tubes, bottles, jars, dibbies, etc. Complete with stainless steel hopper and all contact parts made of non-mages tic highly polished stainless steel. The machine is able to fill from 5 grams to 100 grams capacity per stroke and speed 15 to 20 fill per minute.

-do- but hand operated                                                                                               
-do-but hand operated                                                                                                 

-do-But Motorized operated 2L.                                                                               


Paste kattle

Starch Paste Kettle will be made out of S.S. 304 Rectangular Pipes and will be an independent resting type frame work where no foundation will be required. The Kettle will be a hemispherical type bowl with either steam / Oil / Water heating Jacket will be provided. The Kettle will be manufactured from 2.5 mm thick S.S. 304 Sheet and The Jacket will be of 2.5 mm. There will be oil / water heated fitted at the back bottom side of the Kettle. The Kettle Will be having a worm type arrangement for tilting. A temperature controller & a temp Indicator will be provided for temp control & Indication

PP cap Machine

PMEW offers Motorized P.P. Cap Sealing Machine. The products of PMEW are made in accordance to WHO certification schemes. Motorized P.P. Cap Sealing Machine is used for pilfer proof capping of bottles. It has a capacity to seal 1500 to 2000 bottles/ hr. Depending upon the efficiency of the operator, and is complete with bottle resting tray and dies for sealing 22, 25 & 28mm neck bottles. The Motorized P.P. Cap Sealing Machine can be adjusted easily according to the client`s requirement. The body of the machine is cladded with stainless steel sheet. The unit is complete with ˝ HP motor and starter, etc.

Bottle washing Machine

o    Semi automatic bottle brushing and washing/rinsing machine is suitable for all kinds of bottles, vials, jars etc. It consists of following units.
o    Brushing unit: Available in 2 or 4 heads. Have SS covered body and robust construction. Rotating Chucks are provided to hold the brushes of suitable size for brushing the bottles.
o    Rinsing unit: each unit is made out of SS304, consists of 12 SS rinsers . valve is provided for controlling flow of water. Leak proof construction. Whole unit is constructed over a drainage tray to avoid spillage of water out of tank. Rubber corks are provided over rinsing tray to avoid chipping of bottles.
o    SS tank with sink: Brushing and rinsing units are fitted on the SS tank. Waste water is stored or can be drained out by using sink. The whole structure is made out of 16 gauge SS.
o    Motor Drive: 1HP, single phase.
o    Output: up to 30 bottles with 2head, 1 rinsing unit.

Volumetric Liquid Filling Machine

P.M.E.W.—The unit mainly comprises of one or more positive displacement filling pumps actualted by an accentric shaft which so driven shaft which so driven and V-beituplley arrangement. The filling pump is made of stainless steel and is fitted with pumping pluing made of Teflon rings. The main body is fabricates outer.  All part are of stainless steel.


Max capacity                                                     Max Output

30 ml                                                                                                                   35 Fill Per


UPto150 ml                                                        23 Fill Per Minute                          

UPto 250 ml                                                       17 Fill Per Minute                           

UPto 500 ml                                                       15 Fill Per Minute                          

Highspeed Dissolver

The unit made of S.S. Stand and all contact part S.S 304 quality with three variable speed and mechanical arrangement for the increase and decrease in height.

Load Capacity 2 H.P. Electric Motor                                       

Load Capacity 3 H.P. Electric Motor                                       

Load Capacity 5 H.P. Electric Motor                                       

Horizontal Plate Type Filter Press

With six horizontal plates of 8” dia house is a tested pressure vessel type container with outlet connections, air safety value & pressure gauge etc. This vessel in turn is inter-connected with 1/2X1/2 NB. Transfer pump (STAINLESS STEEL) driven by 1 H.P. Electric Motor. Complete Assembly is mounted on a four wheeled trolley 400/600 Ltrs. Per hour  Rs. 43000/-

Colloid Mill

We bring to our clients a range of colloid mills, that are ideally suited for emulsifying, homogenizing, mixing and dispersing products having high viscosity. Fabricated from best grades of raw material, these are dimensionally accurate and known for their high performance and speedy work. Our colloid mills are available in various models and capacities as per clients' requirements. . Technical Specifications


Cm type oerated on electricity, complete with stainless steel cage. Shoft homogensior – type flanges and emulsifier cup with perforated ring. The unit is hanged on a mild steel channel stand with caster wheels, having the mechanical arrangement of lifting up and lowering down the equipment.

Capacity 2 H.P.                                                                                

Capacity 3 H.P.                                                                                  

Capacity 5 H.P.                                                                                  

Motoriesed Stirrer

Motorized liquid mixing stirrer with stainless steel 18.8 quality non-magnetic shaft with 2 three blades propellers, Special arrangement for lifting up and down the equipments direction of the stirrer, while mixing, complete with stand.

Capacity 1 H.P. three Phase Electric Motor                                          

Capacity 2 H.P. three Phase Electric Motor                                          

Capacity 3 H.P. three Phase Electric Motor                                          

octacone Blender

P.M.E.W.—Unit consisting of AISI stainless steel ‘304’ quality material highly polished container, size depending upon the bulk density of the material. The unit has a set of paddles which rotates at twice the speed of the container to ensure through mixing of the material under process.  The drive is given by a suitable motor of standard make and a suitable gearbox to give approximately 12 & 24 R.P.M. to the container and blades respectively. It will be provided fabricated out of stainless steel channels and angles.


Load capacity 50 Kgs. Volumetric capacity 125 Ltrs. Driven by 2 H.P. Electric Motor.

Load capacity 100 Kgs. Volumetric capacity 225 Ltrs. Driven by 3 H.P. Electric Motor.

Load capacity 200 Kgs. Volumetric capacity 425 Ltrs. Driven by 5 H.P. Electric Motor.

Fluid Bed Dryer

Drying is one of the oldest unit operations and yet it is one of the least understand and most complex. Several drying technologies have reached maturity viz. further R&D resources are unlikely to yield appreciable returns on investment. Innovative approaches are needed to meet the challenges of global competitiveness. efficient energy utilization, environmental impact and product quality. One such product is fluid bed dryer machine. Usually it come in a capacity of 5kgs to 200 kgs. We offer fluid bed dryer that offers better methods of drying products than the conventional methods of tray drying. Further, the fluid bed dryers occupy less space and offer uneven drying. These are easy to dry and dry the material in least time as compared to tray dryer. The fluid bed are used to dry products in many industries including food, chemical, mineral and polymer. A broad range of feed materials including powders, crystals, granules and prills can be processed.

SS Scoops

S.S. Table

Double Jacketed heating Tank

Filter Press

s.s. Mug

Shifter Jaali

Oscilllating Granulator Coating pan Polishing Pan Rotacube Blender
Hot Air Tray Drier Double Cone Blender Rota Cube Blender Plantery Mixer
Tube Filling Machine Sealing & Crimping Machine Paste kattle Bottle washing Machine
Volumetric Liquid Filling Machine Highspeed Dissolver Horizontal Plate Type Filter Press Colloid Mill
Emulsifier Motoriesed Stirrer Stainless Steel Tank Drying Oven
Bottle Inspection Rotory Turn Table Fluid Bed Dryer PP cap Machine
De-burring &De-dusting Machine octacone Blender V-type Blender Vibro Sifter
Serving & granding Machine(Machenical Sifter) Paste Kettle SS Scoops SS Pallets
SS Multimill/Sifter/Cadmill/Fitzmill Sieves Stainless Steel Stand Stools S.S. Table SS Drum Trolley
Double Jacketed heating Tank Stainless steel bucket Powder Sampler Ribon Mixer
Filter Press s.s. Mug Shifter Jaali capsoul filling
s.s. gun stand kharal machine s.s. karchi s.s. palta
conveyor belt s.s. patila shrink conveyor belt tube filling foot operete
Powder Mass Mixer pulpelizer machine s.s. bhagona Ss balti
Tablet hardness tester Bottle washing Octagonal blender Ss pallets
Drum trooli Platform trooli Capsoul filling Capsoul loader
Paste kettle steem Tablet counter Multimill vfd a/c drive Ss jeena
Round frame jali ss Colliedmill machine Heating tank Trooli billour
Paste kettle steem with homonizer Paste kettle steem with homonizer Drum trooli ss Ss keeps
sterrer machine with vfd ac drive vaccum pump ss storage tank desentigator machine.
collaiedmill pulplizer machine R. O. Water filter Ss table rak
Ss alhmari Ss frame jali hjelo aaaa

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